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2D vs 3D Mammography What is 3D Mammography?

3D mammography is another name for breast tomosynthesis, an important FDA-approved innovation in breast imaging technology. Breast tomosynthesis is also called 3D mammography because it allows the radiologist to review the images of the breast, layer by layer, just as if the images were three-dimensional. If you’re looking for a high-quality 3D mammography reviewed by a specialist in the Gainesville area, contact GWC today. Give our office a call at (352) 331-0115 or request an appointment through our secure online form.

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How is 3D Mammography performed?

The 3D Mammogram is an additional examination performed at the same time as the regular mammogram. This layered, three-dimensional, view of the breast is made from images taken of the breast at multiple angles. These additional images are taken while the breast is already in compression for the regular mammogram and takes only a few seconds additional time.

Advantages of 3D mammography

3D mammography has three significant advantages over regular mammography:

  • More breast cancers are detected earlier. Because the breast is reviewed in very thin layers, cancers that can be hidden by other tissue on regular mammography may be seen well on 3D mammography at an earlier time. Research studies show up to a 41% increase in the rate of detection of invasive breast cancer.

  • Fewer false alarms, fewer callbacks. Seeing the breast tissue in finer detail allows the radiologist to more easily distinguish normal findings from uncertain findings that would need additional pictures or possibly a biopsy with only regular mammography. Research studies also show up to a 40% decrease in these callbacks for further evaluation.

  • Better visualization with more information. The important details of a finding such as size, shape, and location can all be better determined with 3D mammography.

Is 3D mammography safe?

3D mammography is FDA approved. Although the radiation exposure from 3D mammography can vary from person to person and is greater than a standard digital mammogram, it has been shown to be within the government’s safety standards and approximately the equivalent of film screen mammography. Additionally, the advantages of 3D mammography allow more certainty with screening mammograms, results in decreased radiation exposure from unnecessary callbacks.

Who should get 3D mammography?

The advantages of 3D mammography can be seen in all types of breast tissue, not just dense breast tissue. Every woman undergoing mammography can benefit from this improvement in mammography technology.

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The important and life-saving advantages of 3D mammography are the reason that Dr. Weinshelbaum provides complete tomosynthesis to all women at the Gainesville Women’s Center for Radiology. The Gainesville Women’s Center for Radiology was the first practice to do so in the area in 2012. You will always find greater expertise and the most experience in the latest technology combined with compassionate care and kindness when you have your 3D mammogram at the Gainesville Women’s Center for Radiology. To get in touch, please give us a call at (352) 331-0115 or request an appointment through our secure online form.

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