Breast Biopsies in Gainesville, FL

Breast biopsies are an essential tool in diagnosing and treating breast cancer. A biopsy involves the removal of a small tissue sample from the breast, which is then examined under a microscope to determine if cancer cells are present. Gainesville Women’s Center for Radiology in Gainesville, FL is a leading provider of breast biopsy. Their highly skilled radiologists use advanced imaging technology to perform minimally invasive biopsies with precision and accuracy, minimizing discomfort and reducing the risk of complications. With a commitment to excellence in diagnosis and treatment, the center is dedicated to providing women with the highest quality care and support throughout the biopsy process.

What is a biopsy of the breast and why is it performed?

Sometimes more information is needed about an area in the breast that can be obtained through imaging or physical examination alone. In these cases, tissue must be taken from the breast to be evaluated by a pathologist in order to determine whether an area of the breast is normal or abnormal. A biopsy refers to the procedure for removing a small amount of tissue from the breast for further evaluation by a pathologist. Biopsies are typically performed to determine if cancer is present in a specific area of breast tissue.

Who performs the breast biopsy?

Dr. Weinshelbaum performs low-risk image-guided breast biopsies.  Although most breast biopsies are performed through image guidance, biopsies performed by a surgeon may be necessary if an area in the breast cannot be easily biopsied under image guidance.

What are the different types of image-guided breast biopsies?

Image-guided biopsies allow precise targeting of the area that needs further evaluation. We perform ultrasound and mammography-guided biopsies (also called a stereotactic biopsy). Biopsies are not frequently recommended, but if a biopsy is necessary, Dr. Weinshelbaum will thoroughly discuss why the biopsy is needed.

This 3 minute video goes over the 3 different types of breast biopsies that Dr. Weinshelbaum can perform.

How is the image-guided breast biopsy performed?

The biopsy is performed in our office by Dr. Weinshelbaum. The area to be biopsied is located again with imaging. The skin is then cleaned, and the breast is numbed with medication. The biopsy device will be inserted directly and precisely into the area using image guidance through a small opening the size of the biopsy needle, and then a small amount of tissue will be retrieved.  Almost always, a tiny biopsy site marker, sometimes called a “clip,” is placed at the biopsy site for future reference. This is an important part of the procedure which will allow the area biopsied to be marked for either future removal if necessary or for future imaging follow-up. A gentle mammogram is taken after the biopsy to confirm the biopsy marker placement.

What happens after the breast biopsy?

Detailed instructions regarding home care of the biopsy site will be given to you.

The breast biopsy specimen will be sent to the pathologist for evaluation. This usually takes approximately 3 days. Once she receives the pathology report, Dr. Weinshelbaum will personally call you to discuss the biopsy results.

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