Gainesville Women’s Center for Radiology

Excellence in Breast Care

The Gainesville Women’s Center for Radiology is a leading diagnostic imaging center based in Gainesville, Florida, that focuses on delivering an amazing experience for women who need to get mammograms, bone density tests, or breast biopsies.

Our Radiologists

As a patient of Gainesville Women’s Center for Radiology, you’ll work with a team of highly skilled imaging professionals, all who provide comprehensive and compassionate care.

Arlene WienshelbaumArlene Weinshelbaum, MD

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Karne Weinshelbaum, MDKaren Weinshelbaum, MD

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Diagnostic Services

3D Mammography

Mammograms can be life-saving – early detection of breast cancer is vital.


Ultrasound is used to view internal organs with sonography.

Bone Density Testing

DEXA bone densitometry is commonly used to diagnose osteoporosis.

Breast Biopsy

Breast Biopsy is used to confirm what a mass or growth in the body is.